Sarah studied Applied Arts at The University of Hertfordshire graduating with a First Class Honours degree in 2010, where she specialised in glass and used illustration in her work. She has recently pursued her interest in larger scale architectural applications for her practice working on private and public projects that create more of an impact and can be used for a variety of applications. She had the opportunity to learn a large number of processes across many disciplines whilst at university and now Sarah enjoys adapting techniques to apply to different materials, most specifically Sarah has a keen interest in working with glass and vinyl.

Inspired by everyday life, Sarah likes to document scenes and interactions between people and their environment, enabling the viewer to see a location in a different way. Starting with people watching, then drawing and playing with depth and transparency, all of which plays a huge part in her work. Creating artwork for specific locations using local inspiration is exciting to her as it keeps work relevant and special to one place.

The challenge and fragility of glass can create unexpected results, many nice surprises, and some not so much, but working through this enables Sarah to continuously question why glass and push the boundaries of what she does. Sarah loves to transform the surface of the glass with her meticulously planned drawings. She creates depth and layers within the work, which is then subjected to the heat of the kiln to finally transform and create her pieces. Within her glasswork Sarah uses a combination of techniques and processes to transform the surface; these techniques include digital processes, sandblasting, stencilling, free hand drawing and the application of gold, platinum and mother of pearl lustres.