Towards the end of last year R&A Collaborations kindly invited me along for a play day at the Institute of Making – it was a day of exploring materials playing around and having no pressure to do any of the day to day things.

Here are some pictures of what we got upto on the day and I thoroughly recommend just going to have a go if you get the opportunity of a day that is full of mysteries and getting to know new people. We tried our hand at sculpting cuttle fish and then casting pewter into them. Also I got to play with plastics and combining different things together in heat – something that was immense fun as I work in glass this was a very speedy way of playing a seeing how things combine and different textures react – if only fusing was so quick! Gar…

I loved the approaches of the day and meeting with other makers and having a day of play was really refreshing. I think for many of us a day like this would be much appreciated but allowing yourself the time to just play and develop your thought processes gets pushed to the side for other things, but I think from now on I will definitely *try* to find the time ūüôā


This was the Pewter session

Fire DemoThe fire demo!  12247896_1095426090476337_6731838853828159198_o

12291906_1095427327142880_6539303397173605648_o Introducing my work to the group12244765_1095430560475890_4069055771126557882_o Playing with Plastics!12309753_1095430847142528_5618257705211637898_o Collaborating with Katharina Klug and planning our exploration.

Images are thanks to R&A Collaborations and some are my own.