I have recently had a great opportunity to spend time working on the business side of my business with likeminded creatives in Florence. Developing my business plan and networking with other creatives which is such an important thing but something that is very hard to keep up when you are working day to day to get everything done.


It was a great experience and I would truly recommend it to others – we had 2 weeks in Florence supported by the Gecko programme, Erasmus Plus and Cedit in Italy. We visited some fantastic places as well as doing our business work.

One of the places we went was to Foglia Firenze a silversmith. It was fantastic to see a maker with so much drive, enthusiasm and aspiration for what he does. It was such an inspiration and made me desperate to get back and work on my business – which is always nice! Whilst we were at the studio we had a go at chasing – I don’t think I’ll be hired anytime soon. But it was nice to do some practical making even if it was for just a few minutes!

 cat lorenzo chasing tools

Throughout the duration of the two weeks I made a great set of new friends and am looking forward to seeing them all again in the future.